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Rockstar Gives Us Artwork of GTA V Until Huge Reveal Next Week

posted Friday Oct 26, 2012 by Nicholas DiMeo

Rockstar Gives Us Artwork of GTA V Until Huge Reveal Next Week

Rockstar Games let us in on a little bit of Grand Theft Auto news this week. Well, it was actually the first official artwork, but it still counts, right? The developer said that this was to hold us over until Monday, October 29th, when the company would have a "huge reveal" regarding the upcoming, highly-anticipated GTA V. I'm happy to see some more news about it because it was three years ago that we were hoping to see GTA V show up in 2010, and here we are almost in 2013.

Assuming the world doesn't end in less than sixty days, it's a pretty exciting thing to look forward to and it's about time we received a bit more about the title, considering Rockstar's been abnormally quiet about the game over the past year. Grand Theft Auto V will be on the cover of the December issue of Game Informer, and the magazine will also have a complete rundown of information straight from Rockstar's mouth. Because of this momentous occasion, Rockstar gave us the artwork, called "Pest Control," which given the image, leads us to believe a lot more mayhem and mischief is in store for our characters in the next iteration of GTA. Rockstar also said that there is a "lot of info coming next month," but has not eluded to the official street date for GTA V. We also don't know the release date of the magazine yet but Game Informer's Andy McNamara was able to speak on this and said,

And since people are asking, we should have the release date of the magazine available to you... worse case, Monday.

So there you have it. An image to tide us over, followed by a GTA-filled Game Informer and a huge reveal. I can't wait. Check out the slideshow we have after the break to see all of the screenshots we have of the game so far. Some of them are actually rendered in-game to give us a glimpse on what the game may look like. Of course, your mileage may vary.


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