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Bing Recognizes Journalists as Experts

posted Saturday Oct 6, 2012 by Scott Ertz

Bing Recognizes Journalists as Experts

Despite the FCC's feelings, Bing has decided that online journalists can be experts in their particular fields and have decided to add us to the social bar on the right-hand side of your search results. In the future, as you search for topics of importance, in addition to your social network connections and the things they have said about the topic, you will also see high profile journalists and the things they have said on the topic.

This is a great way for Bing to bring together their standard search results, their social results and Bing News into one simple search process. It is also a great way for Bing to continue to grow their marketshare along with the Bing it On challenge and a fairly well-crafted advertising campaign. Microsoft has obviously learned from Google's mistakes of tailoring their search results based on Facebook likes, Twitter tweets and Google+ shares from your friends. Because of their difference in incorporating social results, Bing seems to have emerged as the leader in relevance, something no one ever thought Google would lose.

For more information on the new search feature, hit the break.

Since it is a new feature, obviously Bing does not have a large list of authors yet, but they promise to enhance it. According to The Bing Team,

We're just beginning to surface the countless number of authors out there to build this feature, so while we won't have author pages for everyone, we're hard at work to grow our coverage so stay tuned.

Hopefully there will be a streamlined process for submitting your content to the author's list. Currently, the one thing Bing has been really difficult to interact with has been the news submission process. Currently there is no automated process for submitting feeds to the Bing News feed, you have to submit a support ticket with some information that is not directly published anywhere. Let's hope Bing focuses more on their authors feeds and publishes an easy to to add or suggest authors to the system.

So, have you tried out the new Bing? Do you like the results that are given? Let us know in the comments.


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