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Ping: And It's Done

posted Thursday Sep 20, 2012 by Nicholas DiMeo

Ping: And It's Done

If you would have asked me before today if Apple's Ping service was still around, I would have laughed and told you "no." After their awful attempt at a social platform had severe amounts of spam and malicious code plaguing it since it debuted two years ago, I was in shock when I heard it was still around and people were still using it. However, the sheep will always need to be milked, so I suppose it isn't too surprising.

At any rate, shortly after E3 we were told Apple would finally be killing off what life Ping had left, however they did not say when. Luckily, that question was answered this week as Apple announced it is ending the social service on September 30th. Last month, CEO Tim Cook even said,

We tried Ping, and I think the customer voted and said 'This isn't something that I want to put a lot of energy into.'

Well, there you have it then. Remnants of Ping have already escaped from the Internet and all that is left is a Ping link on the iTunes client that tells you it's going away in just a few days. Facebook Music never worked on the platform, your privacy (or lack thereof) was worse than whatever Zuckerberg could possibly come up with on his worse day and, let's just be honest here, Apple isn't a very "social" company anyway. Actually Zuckerberg now is going to be working with Apple and Facebook will insert its way into every asset of the new iTunes software, analyzing each note of every song you have in your library to tell the world of your infatuation with Selena Gomez. You will now also be able to use the Facebook "like" and "share" options for each song in the iTunes catalog.

Is anyone sad that they won't be able to use their favorite iTunes feature anymore? Nobody? Yeah, we kind of had the same sentiment. So Ping is done. Perhaps this is the beginning? I guess it's off to Spotify we go, where you can be social and listen to music without the fruit looking over your shoulder. It's okay, play that latest song by the Jonas Brothers.


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