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GameStop Hires Digital Distribution Exec

posted Saturday Aug 8, 2009 by Scott Ertz

GameStop Hires Digital Distribution Exec

This has been an interesting week for the technology business. Apple lost Google's CEO as a member of their board of directors. Now, GameStop has hired a new executive to head up a department that doesn't exist in a business space they have no ability to compete in. Gamasutra says:

Tex.-based GameStop said Wednesday that it appointed Chris Petrovic to the newly-created position of general manger of digital media. The new hire is a clear indicator that GameStop wants to make sure it doesn't fall too far behind in the digital space, even though the company has downplayed the threat that digital distribution poses to traditional physical retail.

As of right now, there is no ability for a third-party to participate in the true digital distribution marketplace, that being on the consoles. They could enter the PC space, but have little chance to dethrone Steam, and not even a decent chance of taking on GameTap's business model.

So, the question raised here is, is there something about to change in the gaming world? Is one of the Big 3 about to let third parties participate in digital content or is GameStop just trying to show its shareholders they are not afraid of the future?

What do you think? Is this a meaningful change or is GameStop just trying to calm its investors?


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