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An Olympic Gold Medal for Konami Employee

posted Saturday Aug 4, 2012 by Scott Ertz

An Olympic Gold Medal for Konami Employee

This is probably the last Olympic story I thought I would ever write. The gold medalist in the men's individual all-around gymnastics competition in London, Kohei Uchimura, works for Konami. Yes, you read that right: an Olympic gold winner works for a videogame company. Uchimura, however, is not alone. He is actually one of three Konami employees to be competing in London: Koji Yamamuro, Yusuke Tanaka and Kohei Uchimura, all representing the company's home country, Japan.

Konami Sports & Life Co., the division of Konami that Uchimura works for, aims at "providing you an enjoyable and valuable time within your daily life through health and fitness." It would appear that having a gold medalist working for the division they will be closer to being able to accomplishing that lofty goal.

Konami posted on their website,

Konami Sports & Life Co., Ltd. would like to congratulate Uchimura on this great accomplishment, and extend appreciation to his many supporters and fans. Konami will continue to aid in the further development and popularization of sports.

We, too, congratulate him on something seemingly no gamer would have ever expected: an Olympic medal. Thank you for proving to the world that not all gamers are fat and live in the parents' basement. You can see all of his gold medal performances after the break.


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