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Nintendo Hates Pirates

posted Saturday Nov 3, 2007 by Scott Ertz

Nintendo Hates Pirates

We all know that Adam likes pirates (for an example, listen to the tease on Episode 22). However, not everyone is as excited by them as we are. Nintendo, for example.

Nintendo has asked the Hong Kong High Court to help them stop international piracy by allowing the ceasing of game copiers and mod chips.

Jodi Daugherty, directory of anti-piracy for Nintendo North America said "Piracy affects the entire video game industry, from large companies to independent developers. It can destroy years of hard work by a team of very talented software developers, who strive to create games consumers enjoy playing. Copying the developers' work and spreading the game files globally is blatant stealing."

We thought pirates were drunk, girl-crazy loons, like Captain Jack. Who knew!


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