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Reports Say Twitter to Start Reality TV Show

posted Thursday Jul 26, 2012 by Nicholas DiMeo

Reports Say Twitter to Start Reality TV Show

Last month, when I reported that Draw Something would turn into a TV game show, I thought that was pretty crazy as it was. Granted, previous shows Pictionary and Win, Lose or Draw were very successful but my feeling was that for this day in age, a social media game turned TV show could be a little farfetched. However, this week Twitter has decided that they are missing the spotlight and reports are coming in that the company is considering producing a reality TV show all about Twitter.

Does this all sound a little nuts to you as well? Well, read on, because we have the full story after the break.

As if having deals with Nascar, NBC and the Olympics wasn't enough, Twitter is going to take a page out of MTV's playbook and bring The Real World- and The Hills-type content to the social platform. Similar to the HP-powered Tiesto concert that aired live on Twitter during CES, this real-life comedy drama would air somewhere on a separate page, linked from the home page. From there, a video player would load and the show would begin to play. Users could also access the content via specific tweets that would be posted, allowing you to watch the show right from inside the tweet, similar to how pictures and video can currently be viewed. Twitter has been said to be actively chasing down Hollywood directors and producers, hoping to make something happen soon.

An anonymous source told Adweek that, "This is real. This is more than just talk."

If you thought that we'd seen a plateau in the amount of product placement we see in today's current shows, you haven't seen anything yet. In true Twitter form, the show is rumored to be laden with branding and advertising from beginning to end. The deal that the company is trying to work out is that "big name" brands sign on with the series, get huge exposure inside each episode and then advertisers can also run Promoted Tweets in timelines. This goes with CEO Dick Costolo's earlier announcement this week of wanting to do more live events than just the Olympics in the future.

Will shows like this, Bravo's Silicon Valley start-up reality series and CBS' Groupon comedy duo end up staying around for more than a pilot episode? Do you plan on watching any of them? Let us know in the comments section if you think any of these could be interesting to you.


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