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Google Wants $4 Million From Oracle

posted Saturday Jul 7, 2012 by Scott Ertz

Google Wants $4 Million From Oracle

It is always a major financial undertaking to sue a large corporation for theft. It is always a major disappointment when the suit goes to trial and you lose. Often times, those two realities come together and cost you a lot of money when you lose. In Oracle's case, it looks like the failed Java/Android lawsuit will end up losing them $4 million.

That is how much Google has asked from Oracle in legal fees. Of course, since Google won, they are totally entitled to recover costs incurred during the suit. According to Google,

Google prevailed on a substantial part of the litigation. {Oracle} recovered none of the relief it sought in this litigation. Accordingly, Google is the prevailing party and is entitled to recover costs.

$4 million seems like a lot, however. As proof, Google has submitted information regarding the break-down of costs, and the most impressive part of all of this is the $2.9 million on copying and organizing files. They had to pull and file almost 100 million documents in its defense, costing almost $3 million. That is an insane amount of Kinko's time.

The same coder/judge who awarded the win to Google will also be deciding how much they are entitled to in reimbursement. Thus begins the second leg of a wild and crazy legal battle between two companies that no one can really root for.


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