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Double Fusion - The Enemy

posted Saturday Aug 8, 2009 by Scott Ertz

Double Fusion - The Enemy

We have talked a lot about in-game advertising here at The UpStream. We have talked about it on the show many times. There was even an article a few weeks back about Microsoft bringing Silverlight to the 360 specifically for dynamic advertising. That being said, here comes some more.

WipEout HD, one of the most popular and impressive games on the PlayStation Network, will be getting in-game advertising provided by Double Fusion. They claim the ads will match the futuristic style of the game, and only appear during load screens, but we will see.

If you're not already concerned or offended, here is a quote from the CEO of Double Fusion:

By introducing high-resolution dynamic video ads into WipEout HD, Double Fusion is responding to advertiser demand and offering an engaging ad format while pushing in-game ad innovation to a new level. The title is one of the most popular and visually stunning available on the PlayStation Network and a perfect vehicle to connect advertisers to a captivated audience.

In case you are not aware, YOU are the captive audience. And you have no choice but to deal with the ads contained inside of a product you paid for, or don't purchase the game. What do you think about being called a "captive audience" and targeted because you're sitting there anyway?


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