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posted Saturday Aug 8, 2009 by Scott Ertz

Game Gambling Site

We know you like playing videogames, and we know you like to gamble. How do we know this? We watch you through your mother's basement window. Since we know so much about you, I feel obliged to tell you that your two passions are coming together via a new site called BringIt. The site bills itself as "online video game tournaments & challenges" but we know what it is about.

This service is not available in every state, but in 39 of them it is, because videogames are considered games of skill, not games of chance (such as slot machines). Browsing the site as I write this, there are not a lot of tournaments available (I have found 2 so far) and the buy-ins and prizes are not too exciting (top prize right now is $20), but there is certainly potential here.

The problem here is in the potential for abuse. BringIt could certainly become the target of a lot of negative attention the first time some kid steals mom and dad'd credit card and enters a $5000 tournament and loses his ass. Until that day, would you ever consider using a site like this? If so, what is the top buy-in you would consider?


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