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God Save the Queen! ZombiU is Coming to WiiU

posted Wednesday Jun 6, 2012 by Jon Wurm

God Save the Queen! ZombiU is Coming to WiiU

The WiiU's premiere zombie game made it into Ubisoft's E3 2012 Press Conference and at first glance it might bring some new life to the genre for Nintendo fans. We weren't fortunate enough to see live game play so it's difficult to speak about the graphics but the preview we were given looked polished for what ever that's worth. The setting is England, which has always been a bit scary to me even without a zombie apocalypse so they seem to be off to a good start there. Since ZombiU is an exclusive WiiU title what really shines about this game is the integration with the WiiU Pro Controller and we'll discuss that in greater detail after the break.

As it turns out, Ubisoft has come up with some pretty creative ways to make the WiiU Pro Controller show off what it's capable of. Here are some of the things it will help you do to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Sonar - Hold the WiiU Pro Controller screen up to the TV screen and activate the sonar to scan the area for zombies. Just make sure not to get surprised while you're preoccupied.

Inventory - While you have some time between attacks, pull out your backpack and rummage through it in real time to get the life saving items you need before it's too late.

Scanner - Hold the WiiU Pro Controller screen up to the TV screen to scan and identify items that might be useful to you. Again, try not to get jumped while doing so.

Sniper - Don't miss out on the opportunity for some head shots. Hold the controller up to the TV screen and zoom in on your foes from a safe distance.

Break Free - Zombies are all about being up close and personal so sometimes you'll need to create some personal space. When one gets its hand on you, push and pull the controller to and from the TV screen and take advantage of the gap created as necessary.

Door Hacking - Of course, it just wouldn't feel right without having a 1-in-100 billion chance to guess the correct 4 digit code before the hordes have their way with you but at least now you have a tool to help you with that. Simply approach the keypad hold up your controller and guess away.

If the zombie apocalypse were to really happen, having a device like the WiiU Pro Controller could certainly be a life saver if used correctly. I say that because its use is a bit risky. You're always going to be dividing your attention between the TV screen and WiiU Pro Controller which creates a bit of tension between the player and the game that you normally wouldn't have when focused solely on the TV screen. I think that will give the game a scary feel if they don't space out the zombie encounters appropriately and don't bombard you constantly with hordes.

I personally don't get excited about many Nintendo games but I have to say that ZombiU seems like one that any FPS or zombie loving gamers would be interested in adding to their collection. Keep an eye on our feed as we'll let you know more information about this and more throughout or E3 2012 coverage.


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