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Rayman Legends Comes to the Wii U

posted Tuesday Jun 5, 2012 by Jon Wurm

Rayman Legends Comes to the Wii U

Micheal Micholic, Senior Game Manager for Rayman Legends came out on stage during the Ubisoft E3 2012 Press Conference to fill us in on what we can expect to see Rayman and his new accomplice Murphy to accomplish with his new Wii U Pro Controller. One thing that stood out right away was that the controller created a ton of actionable combos for the 2-player mode, all the way up to a five player experience. Rayman developers credit this to the analog sticks, buttons, touch screen and gyroscope features available on the Wii U Pro Controller.

At one point, the person playing the live demo had to physically turn the Wii U Pro controller almost 360 degrees to get Rayman through a loop so as you can see there's a lot of new controls to get acquainted with. In the 2 player mode, the second player (Murphy) sees a different screen on their Wii U Pro Controller than first player. This allows them to have their own unique experience that is complementary to the first player's and very useful for helping both of them complete the level. It was pretty cool to see the fun, get your friends together type of game. Rayman Legends is complimented so well by the Wii U Pro Controller. Check out the video after the break to see for yourself.


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