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$400 CrunchPad

posted Sunday Aug 2, 2009 by Scott Ertz

Anyone who follows The UpStream knows we are fans of the guys over at TechCrunch. We get a lot of story ideas from them, but this one isn't from them, but about them. Apparently, the company has been working on a tablet PC that would allow people to browse the web, edit documents, watch videos, etc.

According to reports, the device will have a 12" screen and weigh about 2.5 pounds. It is based on a custom operating system, also developed by the TechCrunch guys, but will house no internal usable memory. Some analysts believe this to be a bad thing, but the point of the device is to take advantage of "cloud computing" which is the practice of using the Internet to do your bidding. The idea is similar to the Google Chrome OS, using things like Google Docs to edit and store your word processing, spreadsheet and presentation documents as opposed to having onboard memory.

This device will, of course, be in direct competition with the Apple iPod Touch Tablet that we have heard so much about, although nothing "official." The Apple product will, of course, have memory, since it will be an iPod above all else. It might even have access to the Verizon Wireless upcoming 4G network giving it high-speed Internet access almost anywhere, compared to the possible 3G connectivity in the CrunchPad.

What do you think? iPod Touch Tablet or CrunchPad?


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