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Verizon's New $200 Internet Plan

posted Sunday Jun 3, 2012 by Scott Ertz

Verizon's New $200 Internet Plan

It looks like Verizon is about to put their upgraded fiber backbone to good use as the company has announced plans to start offering 300Mbps FiOS speeds. This seems to confims their new found commitment to FiOS when combined with the new markets announced in April. The best, and most surprising, part of the new plan is the price.

Apparently Verizon will charge only $205 per month for the new 300Mbps speeds. We currently pay $55 for only 20Mbps speeds on our provider. So four times the price for 15 times the speed? Totally acceptable. The high-end plan isn't the only one with a price announcement, though. All of the FiOS plans seem to be about to undergo a price change. The company's base plan on 15Mbps will increase $10 to $64.99 with a $5 surcharge for month-to-month. In fact, all plans will have a $5 surcharge for a no contract option or if you do not have Verizon landline phone service.

We have got the whole price lineup and hardware requirements after the break.

The two top-tier plans will require special hardware, which will cost an additional $100. The hardware charge will not apply to new customers, contract customers or current 150Mbps customers. So, what do the price structures look like? Here they are.

inline article image

Is the additional price worth the additional speed or are you content with what you have? Let us know below.


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