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Spotify and Coca-Cola Working Together in Music-Streaming Harmony

posted Thursday Apr 26, 2012 by Nicholas DiMeo

Spotify and Coca-Cola Working Together in Music-Streaming Harmony

It's been a while since we've talked about Spotify. Since the arrival onshore in July, there's been a lot of activity for the company, both good and bad. For the good, we've seen them work with numerous companies like Ford and their SYNC capabilities, their move to the Windows Phone platform and the company has even welcomed developers to make the successful apps we have on Spotify today. For the bad, a lack of subscription traction, outages that can last up to five hours and artists pulling out over royalty disputes has the company reeling a bit.

This week, Spotify has some news that is going to bring them back into the positive light. The music streaming service will be teaming up with Coca-Cola and its Internet marketing team to bring more users and awareness to the platform.

Spotify will be "the key underlying technology for Coca-Cola Music globally" and Coke will "integrate Spotify into its Facebook presence," Coke said in the joint statement.

At Coca-Cola we have long recognized the power of music to connect people around the world. As we step up our activation through Coca-Cola Music, we are excited by the innovative music technology platform created by Spotify and the opportunity to create a truly global music network. The potential for this partnership is limitless.

Spotify will use Coke's worldwide and heavy US presence in order to tap-in to a whole new market of music lovers. They still are pushing hard to grab more customers and convert them from free users to paid subscribers. One way to do that was to start with their ever-creative "play" button they introduced last week for companies to place on their websites. Spotify has also added the "artist radio" feature that we've become familiar with when using Pandora.

It's going to be important for this deal with Coke to actually work and it's good knowing Spotify has done well working with partners in the past. Facebook added the service and Spotify saw 500,000 new subscribers in just two months after it was available, and they now have 2.5 million paying customers under their belt.

They are also working on bringing artists like Adele, the Black Keys, Coldplay and Tom Waits to the network, as these artists have held out on releasing the music to Spotify since its US launch in July. Perhaps Coca-Cola will help these artists - and new customers - see the benefit in the company. I know I do. What do you think? Do you have Spotify or are planning to sign up and get the paid version? Let us know in the comments section.


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