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US Cellular Employees Enjoy Nudity

posted Saturday Mar 10, 2012 by Scott Ertz

US Cellular Employees Enjoy Nudity

Have you ever taken a naughty photo with your phone's camera? Sure you have. Well, the people who have taken those photos AND brought their phone in to a US Cellular store in Iowa might have had their photos shared around the store. That is the claim of a sexual harassment suit filed by Lisa Blazek against the company.

Apparently, the employees would look through customers' phones for nude photos, and when found, would show them to other employees. According tot he complaint,

If photos of that nature were found, they would show them throughout the store. Many times I would be called over to look at something only to find out that it was a sexual picture on a customer's phone.

It got to the point where I could no longer handle going to work. It affected me physically, mentally and emotionally. It took over every aspect of my life.

Blazek also alleges that co-workers would talk about their sexual escapades, as well as being asked to show her breasts. When she complained, her hours were changed and the harassment increased. These are all not out of the ordinary for the circumstances, but the rifling through a customer's personal property looking for dirty pictures is a little out of the ordinary, I would imagine.

With this information out in the open, I would imagine US Cellular will start receiving letters of complain from customers. I would hope they handle the situation better than Boost Mobile did a few years ago when they resold used phones with pornography on them to customers.

Have you had an experience with a wireless store or a computer store sharing your personal photos? Let us know in the comments section.


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