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Zynga Sets Up Big Name Partnerships

posted Saturday Mar 10, 2012 by Scott Ertz

Zynga Sets Up Big Name Partnerships

The Zynga platform, officially announced last week is already building up quite a partnership catalog. In its first week of existence, Zynga has managed to rope in some pretty big-named studios, including Playdemic, Rebellion and Konami.

While no games have been officially announced, there is a lot of potential here for Konami to bring some popular games to the platform. With franchises like Dance Dance Revolution, Contra, Castlevania, Metal Gear and Silent Hill, there are a lot of popular games that would be easy to port to Zynga with a high success rate. According to Kazuhiko Uehara, senior vice president for Konami,

This new partnership accelerates Konami's continued success as a top global social games developer and underscores our commitment to provide high quality gaming experiences to the ever-growing social space. We are thrilled to partner with Zynga to bring Konami games to the heart of the gaming audience on Zynga.com and Facebook.

I am personally hoping to see some DDR-inspired, StepMania-style games hit the platform. What Konami games do you hope come to Zynga through this partnership? Tell us in the comments section.


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