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PSN Coming to Windows

posted Saturday Jul 25, 2009 by Scott Ertz

PSN Coming to Windows

Sony has decided to join the modern world with its VAIO laptops in the coming year. Mike Abary, a Senior VP for Sony, said that they plan on introducing a touch-screen laptop to its current VAIO offerings. I hope that this attempt will be a lot better than the HP sister product, the TouchSmart, which is annoying on its best day, and a paperweight on its worst.

The more interesting announcement, however, involved the PlayStation Network coming to the Windows platform. Abary said,

The PlayStation network is growing. We believe that network will have an option with VAIO PCs or any PCs for that matter. What we are trying to do is collaborate with our peers at PlayStation in that regard... We find casual gaming to be interesting for PCs and we are driving right now to establish our role in that area. We believe this segment of end user of causal gaming is growing we can address that marketplace in a way that is unique on VAIOs.

An interesting move from Sony, for sure. It seems to be a reverse move from what Microsoft is doing on the 360, bringing the Zune marketplace from the computer to the console. Either way, both companies are certainly realizing the importance of digital distribution of media across their platforms.


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