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Apple Plans to Sue Kodak - Again

posted Saturday Feb 18, 2012 by Scott Ertz

Apple Plans to Sue Kodak - Again

As if Kodak doesn't have enough trouble on its own, Apple has asked the bankruptcy court for permission to sue the struggling company, again. Apple believes that Kodak's importing of some products, including printers and digital cameras, infringes on patents held by Apple.

While this is not the first time Apple and Kodak have gone head-to-head in court, it is certainly the most interesting. First, Apple wants to bar the importing of products Kodak has announced it will no longer manufacture. While we all know Apple is a company known for suing instead of innovating, it would seem that trying to block the import of non-existent product would be a waste of time, granted the printers will still exist.

Secondly, what patents could Apple possibly hold on digital imaging that the inventors of digital imaging could possibly be infringing on? Kodak has been involved in digital imaging since before Steve Jobs was openly involved with fruit. How could Apple believe they hold a patent on the technology? I guess only time will tell, if this case is allowed to go to court.


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