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CES 2012 - MWE Lab

posted Thursday Feb 9, 2012 by Jon Wurm

CES 2012 - MWE Lab

Geeks the world over would have left CES this year with tiny holes in their artificial hearts if we here at F5 Live had not stumbled across something like the Emperor 1510 to plug the hole and thankfully MWE Lab delivered. With the growing dominance of mobile technology that suggests you have places to go and things to do it's always nice to find gadgets that make you not want to leave your home or office. Here's why the Emperor 1510 does exactly that.

Gianni Martinez was nice enough to talk to us and give us a hands on demonstration despite the fact that he was about to keel over from exhaustion (just like me). Designed to be an ergonomic work station, it's purpose it straightforward. Create an environment where the user has easy access to the technology they require and allow them to leverage its use in a way that maximizes the user's performance.

I had a chance to try it out myself and even though I was only able to experience it for a short time, it does seem that 10-12 hour shifts would pass by rather quickly and comfortably. Take into consideration the amount of time and energy we invest into using our computers and a $6,200 investment in yourself is a small price to pay over the long run. Check out our video below and as always leave your questions and comments so we can sure you stay as plugged in as possible to this years CES 2012 news!

Interview by Jon Wurm of F5 Live for the TechPodcast Network.

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