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GameFly, Giving Gamers Wings, Since 2005!

posted Saturday Jul 18, 2009 by Adam Ertz

GameFly, Giving Gamers Wings, Since 2005!

With the State of Emergency (Available on GameFly) that has been declared on the economy, some companies have packed up their toys and gone home, but not GameFly. They got their best minds assembled in a think tank and let the Gears of War (Available on Gamefly) turn. In this climate of turmoil and empty pockets, GameFly is somewhat InFamous (Available on GameFly) for giving gamers The Conduit (Available on GameFly) to gaming satisfaction. Who would have ever thought that this Prototype (Available on GameFly) rental company would blossom into a service with more fanatical support than the Ghostbusters (Available on Gamefly)?


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