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Alan Wake Makes Waves?

posted Saturday Jul 18, 2009 by Adam Ertz

Alan Wake Makes Waves?

Alan Wake, the game that has been the victim of one of the worst cases of absentee parenting that the gaming world has ever seen, will now take on the episodic approach, similar to a television show or a movie saga. Sam Lake, the game's writer, in an interview explained the benefit of his segmented approach:

The basic idea of Alan Wake is to kind of model it after a season of a TV series, or mini-series, so that the game is kind of a DVD box season of a TV series. From the beginning that's been the idea of how to structure and space out the story, so the game itself is divided into episodes and we did go as far as having short 'previously on Alan Wake' clips at the beginning of each episode to remind {the player} of the relevant story points.

So it appears that his goal is to make a long running series of book-based television-inspired video game-type objects. Will Mr.Lake's Video Novelettes live up to the hype, or will they suffer the grim fate, like so many others before them? Yes, I'm talking to you, Dresden Files.


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