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Games Aren't All the PSN Can Do

posted Saturday Jul 18, 2009 by Scott Ertz

Games Aren't All the PSN Can Do

We all know Sony wants to rule the world. Why else would they avoid Google the way they do? A large part of that current plan involves the PSP Go. This device is built to be a major media player, not just portable games device. PSN ops director Eric Lempel said:

What do people want next? Our devices are capable of doing a lot more than gaming. There are a lot of other things we can do. What are the other services we can offer, both digitally and wirelessly? What are the other things we can add to our devices that make them even more?

Online sources have uncovered over the past few weeks Sony patents on music services associated specifically with the PSN, and Cloud is a term we keep hearing in relation to the topic. Maybe this is a hint at a media delivery service (not unlike the Zune Marketplace making its appearance on the Xbox 360 later this year).

Would you carry a PSP as your media device - games, music and movies, or are you attached to your iPod or Zune?


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