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Microsoft Discriminating Against Small Developers

posted Saturday Jul 18, 2009 by Scott Ertz

Microsoft Discriminating Against Small Developers

This is the week for big developers to take over the small marketplaces. First EA starts a mobile development studio and now this. Australian Indie game publishers are claiming that Microsoft has started giving more and more of its 35 XBLA game slots to major developers.

WAToday claims that the requirements Microsoft has placed on its acceptance of XBLA games favor big publishers, "with independent games rejected for being too similar to an existing title on the service, yet major publishers were able to flood it with retro remakes."

I hope we will see some relief in this arena when Australian Xbox owners get access to the Xbox Live Indie Games community, where anyone can develop games, including through Kudu, and publish them to the entire community. What do you think about major publishers entering the indie marketplaces?


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