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Amped Wireless Gives Us Long-Range WiFi

posted Saturday Oct 29, 2011 by Scott Ertz

Amped Wireless Gives Us Long-Range WiFi

Anyone who has ever worked in an office building can understand the problem of weak signal in the corners of the building. In our offices, we have great reception in the development office, but if you need to use it in a conference room, you have to hope someone has an open connection somewhere near. Now, Amped Wireless (not Amp'd Mobile) is coming to our rescue with its professional line of access points and repeaters, offering WiFi access up to 1.5 miles from the base.

The 600mW Pro-Smart Repeater SR600EX runs only $179.99 and claims a full 1.5 mile range. Considering that some standard Linksys and Netgear repeaters run in the same price range, I am a little concerned about the possibilities of this device. The company does offer a range increase guarantee, so if you try it and it is no better than what you have now, they will refund your money.

It seems like, for under $200, it is worth a shot if you are in the same boat that we are.

If you give it a shot, let us know in the comments. Also, to read the full press release, hit the break. To read more about the product, hit the source link.

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