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Get Kinected Etronika-ly With Fiscal Responsibility

posted Sunday Oct 16, 2011 by Jon Wurm

Get Kinected Etronika-ly With Fiscal Responsibility

Given the prolonged economic downtown the U.S. has been experiencing since 2007 it comes as a surprise to me that a Lithuanian company called Etronika not only seems to have their mind on their money and their money on their mind but also wants to make money fun, like Monopoly, by associating it with Kinect for the Xbox 360.

At CTIA, the International Association for the Wireless Telecommunications, this week, Etronika showed off their new Kinect banking application by demoing that it can do all the things you would expect a banking application to do: like transfer money between accounts, view statements for credit/debit cards on file, pay bills, monitor exchange rates and the like. They also showed that you can transfer information from your Xbox 360 to your smartphone with the flick of a wrist... pretty cool. Check out the attached video to see for yourself how Etronika might have single handedly solved the U.S. financial crisis.

Most people will probably shove this app under the rug and Microsoft hasn't opened up Kinect apps for commercial use or released a commercial SDK yet but don't discount it so quickly. I already like it because I think money is awesome and you can do awesome things with it. Now, if you could make a game out of personal finance that had it's own set of achievements then people might start to care about their bank account as much as their gamer score. Seriously, you could have achievements for getting out of debt (Stick It To The Man 100G), increasing your net worth (Make It Rain 50G), buying a yacht in cash (I'm On A Boat 30G), owning your own personal aircraft (So Fly Like A G6 100G) and donating to charity (Philanthropist 50G). You could also integrate other financial planning and counseling services... I think Etronika may have just spurred an idea that will solve the U.S. financial crisis.


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