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Apple Has Too Many Games?

posted Monday Jul 13, 2009 by Scott Ertz

Apple Has Too Many Games?

Sony's PSP has over 1700 games in its catalog. Nintendo's website currently lists 905 active games in its library (not including DS Download Play). That is a lot of stuff to do when you don't want to talk to your friends at dinner. However, Apple's Touch platform (the iPhone and iPod Touch) currently has over 13,000 titles available to it. That is 5 times as many games as Nintendo and Sony together.

What an incredible feat, or maybe not. With that many titles all in one big library, how can anyone expect to sort the good ones from the crap? It's not like there is a GameStop employee there to tell you "Don't buy it! That game SUCKS!" And, for developers, how do you figure out how to market your app when you have no control over Apple's store?

What do you think? 13,000 games - good or bad for business?


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