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"Videogames AREN'T Evil" - God

posted Wednesday Jul 8, 2009 by Scott Ertz

Are you guilty of the 8th Deadly Sin - gaming? If you are, Inspired Media Entertainment has offered you the chance to repent, via the Left Behind RTS and other family-friendly games. They are in the process of building a Christian game portal, AKA "The Arcade on the Mount." Through this portal, Christian gamers will be able to purchase family-friendly games such as the Left Behind and Charlie Church Mouse series.

The site will "provide parents with a healthy alternative for their children," according to Troy Lyndon, CEO of Left Behind Games. "The company's goal is to establish an affiliate network with at least one percent of the churches just 3,000 that would produce an average sales of 50 games per church a year within three years."

Doing the math, this means that 150,000 sales at an average of $20 each will have to take place through this new portal per year for the company to hit its sales figures. With other retailers, such as GameStop, already spotlighting family-friendly titles through in-store promotions, is it likely that this portal can compete to that extent?


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