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Google's Pride

posted Sunday Jul 3, 2011 by Scott Ertz

Google's Pride

Normally when I write about Google, it is to talk about a terrible decision the company has made about their Android product, or a product launch gone terribly wrong. It isn't often I write to congratulate them on something they have done. This will be one of those times I break convention.

Google has always had a very firm, open policy on hiring. They believe that a good mix of people is the best way to get a good mix of ideas. Because of this, they openly encourage LGBT candidates to apply and encourage their employees to be themselves. In addition, they also support LGBT causes, most recently at Pride last weekend in NYC.

What did they do and what does the image have to do with it? Hit the break to find out.

Google showed up decked out in custom Android shirts, designed specifically for Pride. The shirt, shown to the right, shows two of the Android logos holding hands and raising a rainbow flag. You can see Google employees showing their support below.

inline article image

That isn't all, though. In addition to showing up at Pride, with Android in tow, they also produced a video for the It Gets Better Project. If you are unaware of the project, it is an organization born out of the suicides of gay teens helping them understand that bullying isn't forever. It isn't the first video they have produced for the project, including an It Gets Better Google Chrome commercial. This one is different, though; it is employees of the company participating in helping kids by talking about their own experiences. You can check the video out below.

I have to thank Google here for showing that they can sometimes have a heart.


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