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Teen Hacker is Ctrl+Shift+Screwed

posted Sunday Jul 5, 2009 by Jon Wurm

Prank calls are fun, aren't they? you call someone up, ask them if their refrigerator is running and then laugh! Well, things aren't always fun and games, as Matthew Weigman, a 19-year-old telephone hacker, learned this week.

Matthew was sentenced to 11 years in jail for prank calls. He did what is known as "swatting" or calling 911 in different areas and creating havoc. Most of his friends are already in jail for being idiots, but Matthew and his brother decided to take it a step farther and drive to the home of a Verizon employee who was investigating his misconduct to intimidate him. It backfired and ended up getting him more jail time.

Apparently this swatting is a semi-popular activity, ending in thousands of dollars in emergency costs per call, and almost always jail time. Morons.


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