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Blizzard Not Worried About Your LAN

posted Saturday Jul 4, 2009 by Scott Ertz

Blizzard Not Worried About Your LAN

You know how online petitions are always so successful? Here's another one for you. As of the writing of this article, 39496 Total Signatures have been collected to add LAN support to StarCraft II. My favorite part of the petition reads:

We, your most loyal fans, implore you to reconsider adding LAN as a network feature to StarCraft II. This is a response to the announcement that the only multiplayer in StarCraft II will be via We understand you will be adding amazing new features to that you can't talk about yet, but regardless of any features you might add online, we would still like to be able to play in a traditional network where no internet connection is needed. For an internet connection might not always be available.

Blizzard made it very clear that they have absolutely no interest in allowing multi-player over LAN. In addition to keeping people engaged in the community, they also want a way to watch for illegal software.

Based on the success rate of online petitions and Blizzard's tendency to do their research before making a decision, I'm going to say the story ends here. What do you think?


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