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Microsoft Spill the Beans About Win Pho 7 'Mango' Update

posted Sunday May 29, 2011 by Jon Wurm

Microsoft Spill the Beans About Win Pho 7 'Mango' Update

On the 24th of May, Microsoft mobile-products chief Andy Lees discussed the Windows Phone 7 'Mango' update at an event in New York. Basically, it's about being social and creating people-centric solutions though an aptly named 'People' hub. At least Andy Lees, the president of Microsoft mobile communications thinks so.

We wanted to provide the customer with less clutter, more clarity. This builds upon our mission to make the smartphone smarter and easier. With Windows Phone Mango, we're taking a people-centric approach to communications.

Some key elements involve the usual social suspects like Facebook integration as well as Bing and, of course, the recently acquired Skype. While these elements will change, the main point Microsoft wants to get across is that apps, as many are used to them, will act more as part of the OS which is quite different from what users of iOS and Android, most of the mobile market, are used to experiencing. The API will be available immediately and we can expect the Mango update to roll out this fall.

For a Microsoft presentation about their ripening WinPho 7 update, hit the break.


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