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RUMOR: PS3 Slim in August?

posted Saturday Jul 4, 2009 by Scott Ertz

RUMOR: PS3 Slim in August?

Our ever watchful friends at Engadget are reporting that two of Sony's manufacturing companies have already begun fabrication of the long-rumored PS3 Slim. With the existing rumors and analyst predictions of a price-cut in August, it would make sense that a newly redesigned console would be launched at the same time.

In addition to wild rumors about new hardware, it is also being reported that this will be the last model of the PS3. I suspect this is a rumor developed by children who do not know the business world at all. We already know that Microsoft plans a big change when the Natal hardware goes live, so it would be crazy to think that Sony wouldn't make a similar move, creating another model of the system. So, I think some of the rumor is true, but most is just plain silly.

What do you guys think? PS3 Slim in August?


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