Episode 231 - Show Notes

Episode 231

Sunday Nov 27, 2011 (01:30:35)


This week, Best Buy has customers seeing red, like some of their stores, Google's hitting the breaks on more of the small projects and England gives us a new way to follow people.

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Tracking Customer Behavior in the Real World

We all know the Internet changed the way retailers interact with their customers. Most importantly, it gave retailers the ability to learn about how their customers shopped to help target marketing or even determine product mix. Brick and mortar retail, however, has never really had this luxury. Sure, they have tried "give us your email and we'll send you a coupon" promotions to help track behavior, as well as in-store credit cards to keep track of purchase trends, but nothing is quite like the good old cookie. That is until now.

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Best Buy Stays In the Red with 'Premier Silver' Customers this Black Friday

In preparation for this year's Black Friday, the supposedly 'epic' deals that are synonymous with that weekend and is what starts the retail golden quarter, happened prematurely. Some big name companies such as Walmart, Target, hhgregg, Amazon and Best Buy kicked things off early this year in an effort to gobble up few more percentage points of the golden quarter pie. This isn't at all surprising when retailers in general are combating declining revenues and in some cases losses but it is a little surprising when a lack of follow through on the retailer's part makes good deals go sour.

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More Google Shutdowns

The latest round of shutdowns at Google has been announced and it is, once again, a number of products most people have never heard of or assumed were already gone. We'll start with our favorite Google disaster: Google Wave. The product was announced at Google I/O in 2009, but no one was ever as excited about Wave as Google was. The social collaboration system, which allowed email, text messages and real-time document editing, was never the hit Google assumed it would be and inevitably was closed for development. Jan 31, 2012 will see Wave go read-only with full shutdown April 30.

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Windows Phone App Marketplace Reaches 40,000 Apps

It's time to show love to the WinPho 7. The Windows Phone app marketplace is now loaded with more than 40,000 different apps. The All About Windows Phone website uses a tracking system that can identify trends and project figures. The system currently shows that about 165 apps are added to the Marketplace each day, would should give us more than 50,000 apps in January.


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