Episode 209 - Show Notes

Episode 209

Sunday Jun 26, 2011 (01:13:17)


This week, Tennessee has some decency, Sega is remembered and 3M's got the power.

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Geohot Now One of the Cool Guys Working for Facebook

This is somewhat weird news that I both like and dislike at the same time. Our beloved hacker legend Geohot, also known to me as The Hotz, is now a legitimate working man. That's right, after all of the publicity, the media attention, the Sony lawsuits, the Kevin Butler flubs and countless hard drives seized by the feds, The Hotz is now working... for Facebook.

PS3 Slim, Meet PS3 Green

To be fair, the next version of the PS3 is still in the 'Slim' family and Sony has managed to trim off almost another pound from the CECH-3000B, 6.6 pounds in the previous model down to 5.7 pounds now, but more efficient power usage is where most consumers will find value. The CECH-2500B, Sony's last version, was rated at 230W which has been reduced to 200W with the CECH-3000B. Fortunately, the 'less is more' mentality for the PS3 Slim hasn't translated over into the included accessories that still consists of a Dualshock 3 controller, power cord, AV cable and USB cable. The 320GB console and accessories can all be yours for the low low price of 34,980 yen or $436 USD but there's still more noticeable changes discussed after the break. Don't go rushing over to Japan just yet.


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3M Keeps Your TV Plugged in with Ethernet

3M, the stationary company, has created something so cool that you'll want one of their Post-It notes to remember it. They have come up with an Ethernet-powered TV that doesn't need a power plug. If you didn't know or are trying to figure out what index cards and page labels have to do with new technology with TVs, 3M has been also working in the display industry for a long time. They have worked in-depth on a device called a front polarizer, which determines how to infuse light into the TVs. This polarizer rests between the glass on the TV and the actual liquid crystals.

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Google in Hot Water With the Government

This is a bad week for Google. Seemingly every government regulatory agency in the world is currently investigating Google for anti-trust and unfair business practices. As of right now, the Federal Trade Commission, the Justice Department, the Senate's antitrust subcommittee, the European Commission, several state attorneys general, plus other agencies are all investigating the same ideas but all separately.

Tennessee Bans Offensiveness

The Internet has become a place for the craziest stuff to live and be happy. Where else can you find Jesus floating in a pool or cups being used for that. All of the craziness has been gravitating to the Internet for years now. If you live in Tennessee, however, you are officially on notice not to enjoy any of it.

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Hulu for Sale

Hulu for sale? It seems so. After back and forth talks about their CEO leaving and resigning deals recently with the major networks, the company now has a For Sale sign out on the lawn. Hulu has picked up investment banks Morgan Stanley and Guggenheim Partners to help them setup a sale. Interested parties have already been notified that the sale process would be starting in as soon as two weeks.


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