Episode 170 - Show Notes

Episode 170

Sunday Oct 3, 2010 (01:13:05)


This week, Verizon Wireless angers 15 million people, Microsoft upsets Motorola and we're not going to stop until we're done being angry!


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Cebu Pacific Air Knows Luxury Is Overrated, Entertainment Is Not

I find myself on an airplane every now and again and I can't say the experience has ever been memorable since I got used to the fact I was some 20,000 feet higher than I was ever meant to be. Plus lets face it, over the past decade air travel for those of us who fly coach sure hasn't gotten any better. However, if the experience consisted of say some hot flight attendants dancing to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry I certainly would be excited about the usually mandatory and often ignored safety demonstration. Not because it could actually benefit me in the event of an emergency because I'm pretty sure when that flying projectile we call an airplane drops it like it's hot, because it's on fire, and I'm in it, I'm still screwed.


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Wrongful Data Charges Put Verizon Out 90 Million

No matter how good your cell service providers is, at some point in your relationship mistakes will be made. I have had wrongful charges from Sprint, some iPhone users had massive charges from AT&T and now 15 million Verizon Wireless customers are experiencing the same. That doesn't mean it's the end of the world however. Shockingly, companies make mistakes but how they remedy those mistakes is what really matters.

Microsoft Sues Motorola for General Stuff

Lawsuits are fun and if anyone knows that, it's the smartphone industry. This week we have Microsoft filing suit against Motorola for patent infringement. They are claiming 9 patents are infringed through Motorola's implementation of Android on their current line of smartphones.

Extra Life

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Bungie Cuts Cheaters Little Slack

There was a Challenge Reset exploit that 15,000 players have used to amass large amounts of credit to the tune of 50,000 or so. Basically, the player could easily complete challenges over and over again by directly manipulating the network.

News From the Tubes

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Operation: Payback

The users at 4chan, a popular image board responsible for many Internet memes such as the Rickroll, lolcats, and the "Anonymous" assault on the Church of Scientology, publicly announced a coordinated DDoS attack against the Motion Picture Association of America in retaliation for the hiring of an Indian-based software firm, which carried out similar attacks on The Pirate Bay and other file sharing sites.

The French Want You to Buy YouTube

Have you ever bought stuff online before? Maybe a shirt from OldNavy.com or jeans from eBay? How about a dress from YouTube? No, never from YouTube? Well, the French Connection would like to change that. They have launched the first online store through YouTube.

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Virgin Debuts 3D On-Demand Movies

Virgin Media announced this week that they will be launching the first ever commercially available 3D digital TV on-demand service and they are calling it "3D Movies on Demand". It will be available in the UK for those who are Virgin Media TV customers with a 3DTV and those users will be able to choose 3D movies from Virgin's already extensive range of programs.

The FCC Won't Let Me Be - Loud

It is about time something happened in Congress that everyone can get behind. With the likes of healthcare reform and the flailing economy, Congress has finally come together and unanimously passed legislation to limit the volume of television commercials.


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