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Tangible Labs @ Pinellas Comic and Maker Con

Saturday Sep 10, 2016 (00:11:32)


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Everyone has, at one point or another, had an idea for a t-shirt that simply doesn't exist. A mashup between Space Invaders and Star Wars, or a Pokémon GO joke, there are always ideas bouncing around. What most of us never do is take those ideas and actually produce them.

Mo Eppley from Tangible Labs speaks with us about how she and her husband took those ideas that all of us have and added them to their existing 3D printing business. In the past she has shown us NerdTags, and the t-shirts and vinyl stickers are a perfect addition to the lineup.

She also discusses her other business, FreeFab 3D, a local company that produces and sells 3D printers. The company's first sale was to Saint Petersburg College, the host of this event. Since our initial interview with the company, they have launched a new model, which is larger and can self-level.

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