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Saturday Oct 17, 2015 (00:16:02)


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In our local community there are some people who are so active we have the pleasure of seeing them all the time. Mo Eppley of is one of those people. From maker events to MetroCon, she seems to be everywhere we go. That's a good plan for her and her company, because they sell custom printed dog tags and other 3D printer items.

The tags feature characters and symbols such as the Minions and super hero icons and self for between $10 and $15, depending on colors. As Nick shows off, he has had 2 of their tags on his keys since we first met over a year ago, and they look today as they did the day he got them.

One of the most interesting aspects of the tags is that they are printed on a 3D printer designed and built by the company, called FreeFab 3D. When we first met them, they had just sold their first unit and today the company is taking pre-orders for their second model, which is enclosed.

Nick and Daniele spoke with Mo about the changes in the company, including their moving out of her office and into their own facility.

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