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Laud Social @ Collision 2015

Wednesday May 6, 2015 (00:17:56)


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One of the newest trends in marketing is called "content marketing." The idea is that, as a brand, you share content that is relevant to your ideal customer on your social media to help establish yourself as an expert in the area in question. That way, when people think about their particular topic, they think of you.

It is an interesting idea that has spawned social ranking tools like Klout, which shows how much of an expert you are on particular topics. While that is great, how do you source content if you want to be one of those experts? You use a platform like Laud Social. The platform is designed to help you source content that is appropriate for your target audience, helping to establish yourself as the expert you want to be.

Laud Social is available now to submit content, and in private beta for curators.

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