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Sessions @ Collision 2015

Wednesday May 6, 2015 (00:13:37)


Episode Tease

Live event interaction is a difficult thing. Over the years, we have used several different products that have never quite worked out. Either they don't support multiple users, they are difficult to use, they don't embed well on websites, etc. We have always assumed we weren't the only ones to have these issues.

Because we clearly are not the only ones, there is Sessions, a new platform designed to take the annoyances out of live coverage. Whether it be about a news story, live event, videogame tournament or other topic, you can host a live conversation through the system.

Even more importantly, as a reader, finding content will be far easier. No longer do you have to sift through Twitter hashtags hoping to find the right one, and hoping that it is not hijacked. You have a simple, one-stop shop for live content on your mobile phone.

Sessions is currently in beta with an expected release in the near future.

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