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peercisely @ Collision 2015

Wednesday May 6, 2015 (00:14:25)


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Hiring is a painful process - nearly anyone who has to do it regularly will tell you the same. It is especially painful when it is not what you are trained for. You have to read resumes, sometimes in the hundreds, before you find a single candidate that could fit. After several interviews, you pick someone and hope that they are a fit.

There is a saying, "People are hired for their skills and fired for their habits." What if you could find out more information about habits early in the process instead of after it is complete? That is where peercisely comes in. Their idea is to make hiring a personal experience. Unlike normal job sites where a company posts a job and you submit your resume, peercisely asks for recommendations for the job.

This alteration to the normal process is intended to make the initial seeking phase more effective. Those who know the candidates are the ones who can speak most to their behaviors, helping to identify those who will fit, rather than those who can do the job.

peercisely is available to the public for job posters and referrers now.

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