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Printoo @ Collision 2015

Wednesday May 6, 2015 (00:12:00)


Episode Tease

Some business models work with only a single type of business, while others appear to be universal. Advertiser-based products and services seems to be one of those more universal business models. It has been successful across print, radio, television, and web. It powered the initial success of companies like Vistaprint.

Taking on this business model is Printoo, a Mexican company that is providing digital photo printing at no charge to consumers. In exchange for the free printing, the photos are printed with advertisements on the back. This is similar to Vistaprint's free business card promotion from years past, except the ads won't be for Printoo's services themselves, but instead for partner businesses. Included in those advertisers is fellow Collision attendee Bebe2go.

Printoo is available to addresses in Mexico for free now.

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