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Igloohome @ Collision 2015

Tuesday May 5, 2015 (00:17:14)


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As the popularity of services like Airbnb continue to grow, both for hosts and travelers, the need to make the process of staying in these locations easier increases. One of the worst parts of the Airbnb experience is keys - whether it is acquiring them from the owner or ensuring the property is secure after someone leaves, it really is a problem.

Igloohome is an automation platform designed specifically for these hosts, or managers of other rental properties, to make the experience better. The system can eliminate physical keys, replacing them with PINs or NFC from a phone, meaning the host can deauthorize access whenever they need - namely at the end of your stay.

Through the system, you can also automate other aspects of the property, such as air conditioning, lights, pools, etc. By automating these high costs, hosts can minimize their expenses, meaning they can make the same amount of money while charging clients less. That is a win for everyone involved.

Igloohome is currently in beta testing, with a full launch coming soon.

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