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markr @ Collision 2015

Tuesday May 5, 2015 (00:11:35)


Episode Tease

Branding is difficult, especially when you have a tam of people managing your public face. From time to time bad ideas get published to the world, which is easy when access to social media is granted so easily. The team behind markr has a product, which they are currently calling Brand Commander, which allows brand owners to maintain the integrity of their social messages. Using this platform, a large company like McDonald's can monitor and maintain the message from their franchise owners, keeping all aspects of the brand on the same message.

The main product, markr, allows for creating visual hashtags and connecting people to brands. You could also use the platform to make event messaging more interesting by combining markr and Brand Commander to allow attendees to post to the event stream, but only with approval. That allows the event to maintain their image and attendees to feel more connected.

markr is available on iOS now and Brand Commander is in private beta testing.

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