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Sensoria Fitness @ Collision 2015

Tuesday May 5, 2015 (00:27:48)


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Wearables are certainly becoming quite a hot commodity, but what if you want data that isn't the norm. for example, let's say you're a runner and you need to know more about your gait or pressure impact on your feet than you do heart rate? You're not going to get that from your Fitbit, so where do you turn?

Sensoria Fitness has your solution with their smart sock. Using integrated sensors, the sock can collect and record data about many of the physical aspects of running. Using this data, the Sensoria Virtual Coach can help you find issues in your running and suggest ways to correct them.

While the sensors are integrated, the data collection mechanism is not, meaning when you inevitably wear the sock out, you don't have to replace the portion of the system that connects to your phone, only the sock itself. This also means that the ecosystem could be larger than just the sock, giving you the potential to be fully robotic.

The robot sock bundle is available now for $199, with other products in the ecosystem available as well.

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