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Traces @ Collision 2015

Tuesday May 5, 2015 (00:14:16)


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With all the talk about the Microsoft HoloLens in the news, augmented reality has become a hot topic once again. We've seen some interesting uses, including Aurasma, who took a marketing approach, and Nokia's partnership with Oreo, Oreo Skies. The latter allowed you to explore the stars and leave messages for friends written in the sky.

Taking that concept to a new and far more interesting level is Traces, a mobile app that allows you to leave messages for your friends in the real world. This is very similar to geocaching, in which a physical item is left in a location with coordinates for retrieval. In Traces' case, however, the content is always secure with no chance of being lost or stolen.

When you are within range of a trace, the app displays a directional arrow. If you follow the arrow, you will discover a bubble in the air; hovering on the bubble will reveal the content. It is a really fun and interesting way to make an area more interactive. For example, this could be used by a park to include a walking tour without the need for special hardware.

Traces is currently available for iOS, with other platform support coming soon.

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