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PostBlog - CES 2011 - Microsoft Keynote

posted Thursday Jan 6, 2011 by Nicholas DiMeo

PostBlog - CES 2011 - Microsoft Keynote

We have some key notes from the Microsoft Keynote that you might have missed during the liveblog. Follow the break for the notes and for a cool picture!

- Seating capacity was 3,530

- CEA President Gary Shapiro said that this year's CES will contain over 20,000 new products

- Avatar Kinect will be available in the Spring for Xbox Live Gold Members

- Xbox 360 has 30 million Xbox Live members, with a new member joining every two seconds

- The 360 is the #1 selling console for the past 6 months

- Liz Sloan from the WinPho Mobile Team wanted to point out 7 cool things about Windows Phone 7 (in 7 minutes, mind you)

1. Pocket to picture to post in seconds

- Dedicated camera button, works even when screen is locked

2. Glance and go

3. Search with your voice from anywhere

- Dedicated search button

4. Bing and Decide

- Instant answers for stocks sports weather flight info and more

5. The stuff you care about in one place: Hubs

6. Fantastic Apps

7. Xbox Live on your phone

- Windows 7 sells 7 copies a second

- Windows Live has 500 million users

- With the Asus tablet, the Ink demo showed that the device has palm recognition and will ignore your palm while writing

And now here is the 3 of the Las Vegas crew members with Major Nelson!

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