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GoldenEye Revamp

posted Sunday Jun 6, 2010 by Josh Henry

GoldenEye Revamp

Do you remember the back in the day, shooting up your friends, fighting to be "The Man With the Golden Gun"? Well, I sure do and evidence of a GoldenEye remake surfaced this past week. The most convincing comes from Eurogamer, which reports that a source has confirmed Activision is working on a revamped version of the classic Nintendo 64 shooter for the Wii and DS to be released this November. The game is supposedly being developed by n-Space and Eurocom, the latter of which created the N64 version of The World is Not Enough. There has also been word that a revamped version of the classic game may be hitting the Xbox Live Arcade at some point. Another tidbit of information that was mentioned was that the game would be revealed at this year's E3 so, for all you classic gamers out there, you just got another reason to tune into coverage of E3.

A slightly more suspect piece of evidence comes to us via GoNintendo, who posted a series of pictures from "an anonymous source", supposedly taken from a survey about a possible GoldenEye exclusive Wii controller. This survey mentions "a modernized version of the classic story with the new Bond (Daniel Craig)," which, if true, would be a minor travesty. I mean,Daniel Craig is a beastly guy, sure, but how could you leave P-Bron hanging like that?

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