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Internet Disconnections Actually Happening in Ireland

posted Friday May 28, 2010 by Nicholas DiMeo

Internet Disconnections Actually Happening in Ireland

Earlier this month, I talked about how the music industry is on the rise, yet countries like South Korea and Sweden are taking copyright infringement crimes to the max. This week, we can add Ireland to the list.

Ireland has decided to enforce their rendition of the "three strikes" rule when it comes to media piracy. One of the country's largest ISPs, Eircom, has committed to processing over 50 content complaints each week and will turn off the Internets of those accounts who reach three complaints.

The company has planned to do this for several months now, ever since Eircom was sued by several large music labels and challenged on their data privacy practices.

The Irish Times has claimed that this is the first ever disconnection system in the world but we know that South Korea has a mandated policy similar to Ireland's, except they choose not to enforce it - or enforce it when they feel like it.

Ireland's Mr. Justice Peter Charleton has said that a system like this is needed because ""the mischievous side of the human personality, containing a repulsive aspect as well as an attractive and humorous one, has also come to the fore over the Internet." At least he admits the Internet exists but the more enforcement you push onto consumers who pay monthly for services, the less of the desired result you will achieve. When it comes to limiting piracy and torrents, the best practice is to offer more viable, affordable, useful and manageable streaming or downloading services.


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