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Sony Reports Another Annual Loss, but PS3 Sales Up

posted Saturday May 15, 2010 by Nicholas DiMeo

Sony Reports Another Annual Loss, but PS3 Sales Up

Sony reported its yearly results this week and it's another year in the red for them. Two years ago they saw a $1 billion drop, which was their first loss in fourteen years, so I guess that a $439 million loss this year isn't so bad!

Sony stated that LCD TVs and cameras were the big selling items on their list and that PlayStation 3 sales were up from 10.1 million last year to 13 million this year. To make things even brighter, this year was the first year that the console actually was profitable, mainly due to production costs going down.

Time for the bad news. PSP sales were down this year from 14.4 million to 9.9 million, with game sales falling to 44.4 million from 50.3 million. For the PlayStation 2, Sony saw a decrease of half a million, to 7.2 million and their gaming sales saw a significant fall off the shelf from 83.5 million to 35.7 million. This isn't surprising, as we know the PS2 is quickly fading out as other consoles are seeing stiff price breaks.

Sony also mentioned some targets they hope to hit. They are looking to sell 15 million PS3 consoles in order to help hit its goal of $541 million in profit for next year. They better hope that the PlayStation Move controller will help move some consoles. It also doesn't hurt Sony that they have a strangle hold in the 3D market and look to the new technology to help get them into the black.

Sir Howard, we wish you the best! Turning a billion dollars in profit year-over-year sure will be a huge thing to celebrate if it happens! Good thing the World Cup is this year and you're taking over 3D broadcasting of it, eh?


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